live reviews:

""The Cumbia Cosmonauts manage to fuse a block party atmosphere with tropical's instant vibe music." - The Music (Australia)

“The potent Cumbia Cosmonauts show is full of colour.  Dancing is the inevitable reaction to their mix of Latin and African rhythms with electronica...letting us know that yes, it's possible for Australians to exist with a 100% Latin spirit." - (Mexico)

"Cumbia Cosmonauts took crowd to a previously uncharted corner of Colombia with their own personal brand of space-age Cumbia...incorporating suggestive digitally modulated vocals that projected the traditional take on Cumbia music right into the future...lively and decidedly entertaining act that had the crowd hitting the dance floor to the beat of their enormous cowbells." - (Australia)

"Futuristic explorers from the past are putting the funk into the MONA FOMA festival...crowd favourites." - The Mercury (Australia)

“Moses travels the planet searching for the roots of popular and genuine sounds, to translate them into bits on his computer and in turn convert them into universal patrimony.  What am I doing here?  To be wrapped in textures and echoes of the music I've heard since childhood. Thanks to the efforts of these young musicians, the songs of my past are recharged with an energy and emit a vitality which transports me to another dimension.  Now Sampuesana again sounds fresh and potent.” – La Quincena (Mexico)

“One of my fave Nu Cumbia bands and they are AWESOME LIVE!  Always a cut above most of the rest!” - (UK)

album/ep reviews:

"Melbourne outfit with a cult following internationally for their futuristic take on Cumbia." -  Strut & Fret (Australia)

"Cumbia originated in Colombia...but meanwhile every country has its own style and an international movement has established itself, of Cumbia mixed with electronic elements: Electro-Cumbia.  Moses Iten is one of the best-known internationally active producers.  With the Cumbia Cosmonauts, all Cumbia-ears direct themselves towards Australia." - FM4 la boum de luxe (Austria)

"To think we're talking about a Berlin label, an Australian act, otherworldly remixes... but the "Latin" feeling is present from start to finish on this record. It all fits together as one solid vibe, but at the same time from track to track it all changes.  Latin America from it's most beautiful perspective is all over this and skilfully interacting with the most up-to-date electronic sounds." - (Mexico)

"Simply magnificent. Naturally the idea of a Melbourne outfit (with strong regional connections it must be said, no dilettante diddle aqui) making deep explorations into South American music for a new school Berlin based label appeals to my notions of outernationality, but aside from that this a landmark record that nails it all over the shop." -  Stinky Jim / 95b FM (New Zealand)

"Adapted by electronic musicians, South American dance rhythms are exciting international audiences more familiar with techno and hip hop - nowhere more so than in Melbourne where cumbia and dub are fused by the floor-filling Cumbia Cosmonauts project." - ABC Radio National (Australia)

"Delving into their own cultures and breathing new life into old dance forms, they continually challenge the notion of the global drop with their stunning mixes and live accompaniment." - Kate Welsman aka Systa bb (Australia)

"Tribal Amazonica mixes the distinctive rhythms of Cumbia with the cut-up electro pulse of Buraka Son Sistema and the raw power of contemporary bass music. It's a unique but irresistible combination, particularly on the Man Recordings-ish title track." - (UK)

“Following Cumbia Cosmonauts quite a while now, always quality!” - Schlachthofbronx (Germany)

“Yo this is the shit !! I want moorreeeeee” - Munchi (Netherlands)

"Aguante pibe!!" - Chancha Via Circuito (Argentina)